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central maine

This shop is:

  • Minority Owned
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art, clothes, edits, and graphic design.

art, clothes, edits, and graphic design.

my name's patrick, but you can call me patch.

i'm an artist, streamer, and graphic designer based in maine. i'm white and latino, i use he/they pronouns, i'm bisexual, and i mostly make and sell designs based off of musicians and bands that i like -- i occasionally do original designs as well.

the vast majority of the money i make off my designs and site goes into my transition funds, save for my charity pieces and designs -- this is also currently my only source of income, so every and any purchase and any and every purchase, is incredibly appreciated.

if you'd like to keep up with shop updates and my personal life, the best place to do that is my twitter, or my spacehey blog.

thank you for your support <3